Getting Started: Poshmark vs. Mercari Storefront

⭐️Number of Listings

Poshmark allows up to 16 photos (or 15 photos and 1 video). Mercari allows up to 12 photos and no videos.

Between the two platforms, Poshmark allows more photos to be displayed.

⭐️Boutique Storefront

Poshmark allows sellers to have a Boutique, which means the listing was purchased wholesale or directly from a distributor and is being sold to the public for the first time. Items must be NWT (New With Tags) and marked as a Boutique item when creating your listing. Poshmark requires sellers to go through Boutique certification; however, the training is less than an hour to complete.

Mercari does not have a Boutique option.

Between the two platforms, Poshmark is the winner in the Boutique category!

⭐️Sharing Listings

Poshmark has a share button that allows a seller to share to followers and/or parties. This is useful if you have an item in your closet that needs to be shared to your followers.

Once a seller lists an item on Mercari, sellers have to lower the price by at least 5% to “promote” it to everyone or 10% to recent likers (up to 50).

Between the two platforms, Poshmark is the winner for having sharing functionality!

⭐️Making Offers to Likers

Poshmark allows sellers to make offers to likers via a Bundle, offer to likers and publicly lowering the price (which will notify likers).

Mercari allows sellers to make an offer to likers once every 3 days.

Between the two platforms, Poshmark is the winner for making offers to likers!